New Installations

Action Heat & Air is a Collinsville AC Repair company who looks at an installation and finds a way to take care of each customer’s needs. We install American Standard equipment and each job is different in many ways but we put your needs above all else. We work to increase airflow, efficiency and quietness indoors and outside. We pride ourselves in doing it right by sealing the ductwork, leveling equipment, evacuating system and charging the system per industry standards were most companies don’t and shorted the life of the system the customer just paid a lot of money to purchase. Action Heat & Air guarantees you will be satisfied in the process and the workmanship done to your house and system because of our high standards we set for ourselves. We instill that we do your job as if we are doing it for our selves and our family.

Residential Service

Action Heat & Air Takes pride in servicing your equipment, and our team has over 30 years experience as a Collinsville AC repair company in delivering practices and training. With that said, our employees are well trained by myself and many schools I send them to in order to receive ongoing education. At the end of the day, our only focus is to better take care of our customers. If there is every an occasion where they will get stuck and I make myself available to lend a hand or just talk them through the problem. We use good quality parts, motors, contractors and transformers so we can give you a better warranty on parts and equipment knowing you are covered by us and the distributor where we get the parts. I expect our techs to be honest and respectful to the customer and don’t sell them what they don’t need. The most important things to do is clean your filters and wash you’re a/c units. You should clean or replace your filter at least every 3 months and wash and service you’re a/c once a year and this will give your system a much longer life and less breakdowns.

Commercial Service

Commercial service is a lot like Collinsville AC repair residential service, only with much more details to manage. Typically commercial service deals with larger systems with more power. Many of the systems are single or three phase and is much more dangerous. Most commercial units are on the rooftop of the building that requires one to climb a ladder along with carrying our tools and parts to do the service. We do the same check for a residential as we do on commercial service. This check includes inspecting the wash condenser coil, checking blower assembly, take readings of all motors, freon, Amp draws, voltages of equipment, and more. This is done so we can have records of the changes each year to give the customer a warning on failing parts or leaking systems to save money and efficacy.

Change Outs

With a Collinsville AC repair change out we tear out all your old equipment including: furnace, coil, A/C, plenum and thermostat. Once this is done, we clean and prepare the area for the new equipment. We also use this time to see if there is a need to rewire thermostat wire or power and bring everything up to code (like light in attic switch to kill power and a walkway to the equipment). These are all city and state codes and we have to bring all changeouts up to code. Once this is done, we start to install all the equipment, thermostat and warranty paperwork to finish up the work. The final and most fun step is to clean up and haul off all trash and old equipment.



Action Heat & Air really cares about the Collinsville AC repair maintenance program as being one of the best services we offer our customers. This maintenance program saves our customers money and keeps their equipment in tact for lifelong longevity. We love our customers who have maintenance agreements because we really get to know the customers personally as well as the systems you’re working on. We start with the thermostat and tighten the screws on the wires, then replace the filter, wash the A/C unit, check the charge/freon, check all components, take the readings, and go over the readings so the customers know how their equipment is running. This is some of the cheapest insurance a homeowner can buy and less stress that the system will break down.

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