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Free Diagnostic

First time customers will receive a free diagnostic on a call we come out to in order to see what we are all about and let us have a look at your system. While many Collinsville AC Repair companies will charge you a fee, we want our customers to know what the problem is before they pay to have it fixed. Once we go through your system, we will give you an honest and objective quote to take care of your needs. While most heating and air companies charge a diagnostic call of $65.00 to $100.00, we will wave this fee so you can try our services and get to know our team. We understand it’s hard to trust service people these days, so give us a call and let Action Heat & Air be your go to partner for all your HVAC needs. Our goal is to give you our best and honest opinion and not sell you what you don’t need. Action Heat & Air isn’t a bonus base company were the service techs get a bonus to sell parts and equipment you don’t need. What does this mean? It means we can’t take advantage of the customer. We are a small-town company that values each and every customer for the longevity not for the short time of doing your business. So, give us a call now.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Action Heat & Air cares about the customer and we will guarantee your satisfaction with our service, equipment, and parts as a Collinsville AC repair company. Whenever we first step foot on your property we are working for you. In our 30+ years in the heat and air business we’ve learned that the best job is the finished job and while I’m at your job that’s all that we are concerned about. We have instilled this same principle into our employees as well. We take pride in customer service for the long haul, not the short term. We believe you will see the quality and the professionalism of our team. With that said, a lot of the companies out there send unlicensed and under qualified service techs which cost you more money and time. When you have a heating and air problem remember that we are going to do all we can to resolve the issues. If necessary, we will even send the owner out to do all we can to take care of your needs. We send our service techs to training and I work with them to teach them about new product as well as new freons, because this industry is changing quite rapidly. Our concern is to get you fixed up as soon as possible.

Best Warranty

Action Heat & Air is not like the other Collinsville AC repair company in that we give the best warranty in the business. We give you a 2-year labor warranty on all new equipment purchases and one year on all parts. Most other companies will give a 1 year on new equipment and 45 to 60 days on parts. Our manufacturer warranties include 10 years on compressor, coil and parts and some furnaces are 20 years on heat exchanger as well as the upper units carry a limited lifetime on heat exchangers. Most suppliers only have a 60-day warranty on their parts like motors, contractors, transformers and capacitors. At Action, we extend them to one year because we believe in the parts we purchase because we won’t go cheap where we have to change parts in a short amount of time. This goes back to taking care of the customer and giving them what they are paying for in the first place. Action believes if you can take care of the needs and do it right you should get more out of your system and the performance of the system.


Highest Quality Customer Service

We at Action Heat & Air believe the highest quality service starts with answering the phone and getting to your house as quick as we can to help solve your heating and air needs. Most Collinsville AC Repair companies don’t answer the phone and over schedule themselves, leaving no time frame and the runaround. We try to put ourselves in our customer’s shoes by giving them an exact window for our arrival time. This puts you at ease knowing the already stressful situation of being hot or cold. We offer a maintenance agreement where we come and service your heater in the fall and your air conditioner in the spring for that peace of mind and to keep your system from failing and to keep it at peak performance to lower your repairs and utility bills. Most of the time we can see what is getting ready to fail before the heat of the moment which is on the weekends, after hours or holidays where if you’re on a contract there isn’t any time and a half as well as you get 10% off parts and labor. Give us a call if your interested in a PMA.

Best Products and Solutions for Your Needs

We at Action Heat & Air Collinsville AC repair, we truly believe in our product line we are a American Standard Dealer with the best rating in the business in reliability, service ability and longevity. These products are made in the USA and uses the best of the best parts, and they are the only spine fin coils made in the industry where you can keep you efficacy for many years unlike many other manufacture that still uses plate and fin that loses offences and leaks in a short amount of time. Our goal is to sell you equipment for comfort and reliability for many years. Each unit is tested before it is released to the customer and in the development of these systems they are put to the test for heat, humidity, salt conditions, and stress testing to make the best system you can buy with a great warranty. This warranty includes 10 years on the compressor, coils and parts and 20 years on the heat exchanger or limited lifetime. When I come to look at your home, We’re not going to try to sell you a price, we’re selling comfort and reliability. Most other salesmen are there to pressure sell you on the most expensive and not what will make more since on comfort and lowering your utility bills because they get a commission on the sale which I don’t believe in. So, give Action Heat & Air a call for a fair, comfortable and efficient quote today.

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